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PTA and Parents

The PTA officers for 2017-2018:

Chair: Leanne Boardman (Assistant Headteacher)

Vice Chair: Carol Dunleavy (Parent of Luc, Bluebell Class)

Secretary: Amanda Hurst (Foster carer of Luke, Oak Class)

Treasurer: Geraldine Smallman (Leisure Services Manager)

A fab night was had by all children, siblings and parents who attended our 1st film night . Children and ( some parents) turned up in their onesies to watch a family film. With demand from the children & young people we will be running another film night please keep up to date with this page to find out what PTA events are running for your children. This success follows on from our Valentine Disco with 80 people attending our events are getting bigger and more often .

We aim to ensure we run activities that are accessible and inclusive for all our pupils . We also run fundraising activities including our "Christmas Shopping Trip" - this year we are off to Bristol Christmas again on Saturday 1st December 2018 after a sucessful trip last year and having consulted with everyone on the bus about different destinations.





The PTA would be very interested in hearing from you if you have any fundraising ideas or if you would like to organise a fundraising event to support the school. The PTA are currently working to support the school's fundraising in the following areas:

  • Tidying up and planting flowers in the sensory garden;
  • Re-developing the woodland and beach gardens;
  • Funding the 2019 pantomime for the whole school;
  • Improvements in the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 playgrounds.

These developments will cost in the region of £250K but working together we will be able to realise our goals and improve the school's resources for our children.

Please do contact one of the committee via the school if you have any ideas or are willing to help us. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Safeguarding and E-Safety

A new version of our safeguarding policy will be uploaded shortly.

For good advice on e-safety for your children and protecting them while they are online see this document if you are on a computer or laptop. 

Also there is plenty of information on child online protection at the NSPCC site and also on the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre site. 


iPads, switches and Eye Gaze

We make effective use of a range of technology to support pupils' learning and communication. Some of the latest technology such as Eye Gaze and Oculus Rift goggles are currently being trialled with our pupils. 

For iPads we have put together a list of apps that are suited for pupils in our setting.  They are arranged in categories, sensory touch, music, speech etc.

For the iPad apps list please click here.

For information on online safety for your children please click here.

A company that provides 'Practical and Stylish garments to aid daily living for adults and children with disabilities' is Seenin.  The website is

Further information about our use of iPads, Eye Gaze, Oculus Rift or any technology used at Trinity Fields please contact either:

Anthony Rhys (Lead teacher for ICT and Digital Competence)

Matthew Gurmin (IT technician)

Both can be contacted via the main school telephone number: 01443 866000


 SDP 2016-2017 click here.

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